How did Blaine levitate? – Card Magic Tricks With Cards Only

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The answer was a very simple one – and it was the only reason he was able to do it!

Blaine levitated into the air. There was almost a light breeze.

“WOW! You are way too cool for your own good. I’ll get me some more of this juice as soon as I get a little time… I’m sure I’ll have enough to finish this for sure.” said Blaine

He could have said it just about anything, but, as it stands, this is basically what happened. A small man wearing a red jumpsuit, with a backpack, flew into the air, to float into Blaine’s grasp. The power of the air was overwhelming.

He held onto Blaine as tightly as he could. The two were at the point where the air was barely in their hands. Blaine was being completely buoyant. A couple seconds later, Blaine was floating again. His power was overwhelming.

“How does that work?” asked Blaine, after what seemed like an eternity

“I believe it is very similar to water being sucked into a giant bubble in water.” replied the man. “For most people, this is difficult to comprehend.”

There was a pause.

“How come you could hold so much on your own, but when I came into contact with your power I was so weak?” asked Blaine.

“It is because my power is very strong. It is a constant flow from the heart to the head. Normally, it needs to take a lot more time to get to it than a water balloon.” answered the man.

“I’m not sure… I don’t see how I did exactly the same thing. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.” said Blaine “But I was very impressed with yourself”

“Well, thank you. I was surprised to discover that you could do something like that with your power.” said the man

“I am the only one to show my abilities. That is a huge feat. Now, why are you here? And where did you get your powers from?” asked Blaine

“I am called ‘Sir’ by the local police forces. I am in charge of the police force out of the city of Caelum. When I heard about you, I decided to come get you. I believe that you will be able to solve the problems that we have here.” said the man

“What do I do for

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