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How do they go from “a dream” to a lucid dream?

The simplest type of illusion we create is the visual or mental image of someone or something. These images, known as phantasms, are the dreams of the mind—imaginations that occur when the mind is awake, aware, and focused on what it needs to do to accomplish its goals.

Many people become trapped in “illusions” and try and ignore this because they are not comfortable with it. They want to believe in the “imagination” of other things in their head. But a new way to view phantasms is to view them as part of “the physical or real world”, which we call the external world.

But a visual or mental image of an object, place, or person, called a phantasm, is not the same as a physical or real object, place, or person. In the physical world there are physical objects, places, and people that don’t look like they physically exist in the physical world. For example, when we look at an object in the physical world we can’t see it as a physical object, because it doesn’t visually exist in the physical world. For all we know, it may be a hallucination.

In a lucid dream people may use visual imagery of their bodies in their dreams to help them deal with their thoughts, emotions, and fears, so they are still living the dreams of the physical world—in effect becoming “in bed.”

Phantasms in Dreams and the Body
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In the dream state visual imagery is like a phantasm. People in many dream states may experience their bodies as physical objects, but not when it comes to visual imagery of their external bodies. Some people (including myself!) will see a body that they are in bed with when they are awake and see it as a tangible object (e.g. an arm or leg that is “in bed”). When it comes to an external body we will see it as a dreamlike, visual illusion.

There are actually several different types of phantasms: real, imagined, and dream images. Real phantasms are the images of reality which exist in the physical world, and are very common (most people do experience these kinds of phantasms on a daily basis). The following types of phantasms will be outlined below in the following sections:

imaginary phantasms are like dreams of your physical body, and the body is always there

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