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Imaginary mirrors provide the perfect place for them to exist. Mirror images can be created by imagining a person’s face or clothing, and then seeing something similar in a mirror.

Why does mirroring need to be done carefully?

It needs to mimic what has been done. In other words, a person’s voice, clothes or appearance have to fit perfectly inside the replica being created and the illusion needs to be preserved.

How do you build an illusion?

Using an optical illusion, you can create an exact duplicate of something in the real world. The main technique is to create a mirror image that mimics an object.

How do you know if you created an illusion?

Any picture that you see when looking into a mirror will appear identical and is a sign that you have created an illusion, even if the illusion wasn’t real. Another way to check is to look for any pattern in the object: it is often hard to spot, because it’s hard to think about what happens when the objects are put together.

Why is there a word for this kind of illusion?

It is known as the mirror illusion. Since it gives birth to so many other kinds of illusions such as that of a photo-optic image, the mirror illusion is not only known as the most common illusion, but also the best-known kind. It is also considered the best way for a person to find out what he or she really looks like, just because of the uncanny impression it gives on people.

Can you look at an object at the same time as you are looking at it?

Yes, you can look at a mirror while looking at the object. The best and most effective technique is to focus on the same spot as your looking at the object and then move your head.

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