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I can levitate people with magnets if the person has an appropriate number of points of attachment. What do magnets get into a person’s body?

We can levitate objects with magnets, but we can’t levitate people with them. Why are magnets dangerous and what prevents them from harming people?

I have a magnet, what do I do with it?

A magnet is a small, magnetic metal stick, usually a solid piece of metal. A magnet can have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of points of attachment. These points can have different properties. A magnet can make the air around it move more quickly or slower. A magnet can make things slide over each other on a table.

If you have a magnet, you can take it out of your pocket and put it on a table, where each point of attachment can make a small movement. This can pull objects off the table and cause them to slide out. For example, the tip of a pen and a pencil tip can slide. Or, if a magnet is stuck to a piece of string, it can be easily pulled out of the string.

A magnet is safe if the magnet’s point of attachment makes the air move faster or slower. If its point of attachment makes a strong pulling motion, then the magnet attracts. If it has multiple points of attachment on it, then it can pull some objects and pull others. In other words, an object pulled off the table (like a pencil) might be pulled away more quickly by the magnet than by the other objects.

Here are some examples of tips a magnet can use to make objects slide.

A magnet can make a pencil tip spin faster or slower by sticking it to a piece of string.

A magnet can make things slide better or worse by sticking to a piece of string without any other attachment.

A magnet can make objects pop or bounce when they are pulled by the wind.

A magnet can make a table move more or less from side to side by rotating it around a pole.

A magnet can make a pen or pencil tip move more or less when they are pulled by a piece of string.

A magnet can make the air move around a table that is spinning in opposite directions.

A magnet can cause objects to levitate, like a pencil or pen.

I remember a time in the mid-1990’s when the game wasn’t as popular as it stands today.

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