Can you levitate a person with magnets? – Magic For Humans Netflix Tricks Revealed

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Can you hold people in place without the magnetic field creating the effect? Do I even need to learn magic to make your dreams come true?

Well yes, but only if there is no other way. When a person is put into a magnetic field the energy they experience in their body is not a form of electricity, electrical waves or magnetic currents; rather it is the energy of magnetism. The human body is a magnet, and this energy can be easily altered with no negative consequences. Your body is a magnet because it does not have to move to be magnetized.

Let’s say a person can be levitated using ordinary magnets, which can be made with readily available materials. How does this energy affect the person? Does it increase their strength, stamina or even induce paralysis? As an experiment, let’s begin with a person in a confined space without a magnet and see if he/she can do the same thing.

An ordinary magnet will attract to the magnetized body (magnetized and without magnetic material) and repel from itself (magnetized). A human body is not a magnet (magnetized + magnetic material). So imagine a normal person sitting on a bench with a normal magnet (magnetized/magnified/distorted in some way), but his/her body is surrounded by a highly magnetic field (magnetized/magnified). This person will float in mid air, and if the body suddenly repels and attracts a person with a typical human hand, you are not imagining this!

There was no way the person could resist what was happening, and his/her body, with all its power, was trying to pull to the magnet. The only way to control things was for the person to move back and forth to attract to the magnet, and repel to the magnetic field. In actuality the human body is not moving in this way either.

The energy is moving the body in a very specific way and changing the normal human structure with no negative consequences. This is what a magnet does. There is no question of a body’s power being changed either. If the power is changing and in a negative way, a negative energy field is being set up.

I have seen it done many times in my travels. People come into a field of energy, and just like in the movie, as they try to resist, they are simply repulsed/taken off by the force of the field. The force is being harnessed

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