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And how could you tell if you have a mental illness? There are many articles on schizophrenia from both sides, with different explanations for it. It is not a matter of ‘one of us is a liar’ or ‘everyone is lying’. No, all these people lie because they want to. Most of it is not true. It is just lies. People talk all the time about being ‘on the spectrum’, as if that is something other than the sickness itself: it is part of the sickness. In fact, if you were on the spectrum, you also would have a mental illness. They do not separate when there are other mental illnesses to deal with, such as mental disorders. Some of this is due to the society you live in. Other people, even in a professional setting, might consider you a mental patient when they see you, which is ridiculous. It might be because of a bad experience or an old trauma that you can’t live without, but if you have an entire family and a family history, they do not treat you as a patient. You are a professional and a businessperson, that’s how people behave in the real world. You might have your problems, but everyone has theirs.

That is not the case with your mind.

You see, when you have a mind disorder you are a broken human being. Because it is not just that you are not going to think any further – for one thing, you are doing nothing. People are going up and down, and they can’t do everything: driving or walking. When you have a mental illness, you are not going to do anything. It might be very difficult, and you might think you are doing the best you can. But then another thought comes, and you have no choice in the matter of what to do when you want to do something. The idea is to not do this or that. But if you have a mind disorder, it actually doesn’t stop you from being an individual in the physical world, you are the same person you always were. You want to be liked by your friends, to be seen with people, to be successful, but you have to think of yourself differently from your thoughts; your actions are still the same. There is no free choice; one set of thoughts will always win out on any given situation and the other side will always be a loser…

So how do you tell if your mental illness is real, and something that would be acceptable in a professional setting?

You do not think

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