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Will they understand that other species are aware and can reason? Are we so much as thinking when we have an awareness of the whole world around us, when something we want doesn’t happen or when we feel cheated, or when some thing we expect doesn’t happen?

This is one question where our limited knowledge has left us with many questions. But perhaps one of the most important question we cannot answer now—and is likely to remain beyond the scope of scientific inquiry, which is what the next chapter of these stories will be about—is whether we are human.

We know we are, but our understanding of what that means is limited. We don’t know what that means for the purpose of understanding how, precisely, and for what purpose we exist: that is, for our own purposes. Yet as long as that question remains unanswered, we cannot know if we are us or not. As long as that question remains unanswered, we continue to struggle with self-referential questions and question of self-referentiality.

Our minds are our “mind,” we can think what we want, we can believe what we want without ever considering what others want. For that reason, while I believe we can “move things” with our minds, we can’t move things for other humans either. Even if these experiments were designed to work with our own minds—not even if we were told what we were doing, but asked to just go along with it—we would still not be moving things for others: we are using our minds to move things for other humans.

What would that be? Would it be useful, for example to move a chair so an older person in the room could use it? Or a book?

Would it be beneficial for us to make more money to help build houses for poor people? Or more money, more jobs? Would it be necessary?

Or for less of anything, for instance to learn more about something that we have no knowledge of, or make less money?

All of us have different reasons for what we do. If the reason for living is not to live happily, to live happily for others, or to make more money, then we can’t live. If the purpose of living is for others, what’s the use of living for others?

If our brains are made exclusively to think a certain way or to perform certain actions, then there’s no more point to living than there is for the construction of cars, or the study of math

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