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It does seem that all our knowledge stems from the “hard” world’s knowledge, so the natural question is, what does that mean? If a thought comes into your head, you can say, ‘Yes, that’s an obvious thing to feel’, but you might not be able to say why the thought comes into your head (there’s no way of knowing what really goes on in your mind).

What’s the difference in this case? The answer is that we have a much more powerful brain than our “naked” ancestors. It is much more capable of reasoning.

To explain why our brains are much more complicated, we need to take a look at something called the “cognitive machinery theory” (CT), which describes our capacity to reason.

The CTM theory says that our brains are designed to perform specific cognitive tasks called ‘cognitive machines’. These machines are the components of our ability to reason. These cognitive computers work not only to process our thoughts but also, in turn, to understand how our thoughts work and what we are thinking.

Our cognitive machines are really just simple computers built around a specific form of computation called thought-process mapping. These processes are usually described in terms of mathematical processes that we have evolved to do naturally. For example, your brain is working hard to solve a mathematical problem by looking at a set of numbers and finding them to represent the answer, that’s basically what thinking looks like when working with a brain.

We can build other cognitive machines even more complex. These computer systems can perform a wide range of computations on their input. They might use logic instead of numbers, for instance, or even, in an interesting but controversial twist, a mathematical operator called an ‘operator’.

The CTM theory takes this complex system and suggests that there should be three different cognitive machines underlying all our thinking: our memory, our attention and our reasoning-processing machinery.

To understand why we need so many cognitive machines, we have to think in a very general way about how thinking works and the way it works is in many ways much more complicated.

In other words, just like the problem of figuring out why a person can move his body with his mind, or a particular human thought can turn into an abstract object, the computer’s computer can turn into whatever we want. This means that any thought or object that can be made to work in our head, is really an operating system operating in our brain.

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