Can Christians levitate? – Magic Tricks With Cards Tutorial Tagalog

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Yes, Christians can be levitated (as long as they are on a solid surface, and not on a floor, and when they are in a straight-line path as opposed to a tumbling motion) and their spiritual body can be projected.

Is Levitation an example of Christian spirituality?

Yes. Levitation is a great example of a method of spiritual experience of faith, which is often called “cathartic levitation.” Such spiritual experiences exist to help us to have a better understanding of life and of ourselves, and to understand that life can be a joy and can be a test of faithfulness to God’s purpose and that there is good in the world.

Does “leveritation” require specific training and skills?

Yes, it requires specific training and skills. However, the method does not require special skills — it merely requires a spiritual mind, knowledge of the physical world, courage and fortitude, and willingness to accept Christ in a “free” way rather than being “perverted” by Satan or “perverted” by self-righteousness.

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