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“We do not believe that these are questions for the scientists. God knows all our mysteries; he knows everything. There are many reasons these questions are not answered.”

So I asked them why they believe they were given the gift of levitation.

“Some believe that the powers of the air were given to them by God Himself to help them in making other crafts. I do not accept that there was a gift of the air that you can just put it here and then fly. Some of us have seen it fly and use it, but I am not sure if we can levitate. Perhaps we need to ask God.”

Is there something going on in the universe?

“There may be some kind of energy that is out there. God has not explained why he created this universe or why he was able to create this world in this limited way. There are a lot of possibilities here, but I cannot offer any definitive answer just yet.”
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What do you think of God?

“I do not believe in one god. We do believe that there is a supreme being who will judge our lives and who will guide us if we choose to obey him.”

Was there a time that you prayed to God for help? Do you sometimes forget it?

“There are times when I feel that something is wrong with my life. I feel like I have been manipulated. I have not been a good person. It is a very difficult time, but I can remember something very clearly. One rainy night I was praying for help and I prayed, ‘Please tell me help is coming to me.’ I did not even realize what it was. It was the first time I ever prayed to God in my life. It is not everyday that I realize just how much I needed help—I have had terrible problems in my life. I believe that God is here to help us find love, to bring us relief from our fears and frustrations.”

How do you think God would respond to you?

“God is an awesome being. In all these things that I can remember, he has done great things. For example, we cannot forget the time God helped me with my car. I had a car that would not start. There is no question I would help someone in any way. He may not be pleased or have a lot of respect for my feelings, but he still has faith and does great things. I don’t believe God is the reason for my poor choices,

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