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Illusions in Magic is a very short book. This is because it is written by the one player who won a game where magic could be a factor. In the world of the game Illusions has the following four components:


Phantasmal powers


Illusions is a very cool book and an incredible read. It was the first book that gave me the idea of using magic when I was a teenager (and even as a teenager it still gave me a lot). Magic is something that we are not able to see in real space. The book presents all the different ways of using magic and there is a lot of depth to all these spells. You will be introduced to these different aspects along the way and the book will challenge you.

Illusions: What Does It Mean?

Illusions: What Does It Mean? (Illusions Magic? Magic of Illusion?…) is a unique game. Magic is very important in real space but not in any other roleplaying games. In Illusion Magic you are exploring the world and trying to determine the meaning behind this information. I really enjoyed this book because I wanted to understand the true nature of magic and the various ways that it is used. I was also interested in the role that magic played in the game and in our world.

Illusions gives you a very good view of the game (and in game) and it will teach you how to understand the role of real space magic. It also will challenge you by showing you different types of illusions that you can create.

We’ll get into the specifics of the spells in an upcoming update!

Illusions: Playable Characters

Illusions: Playable Characters (Illusions Magic? Magic Of Illusion?…?) is the third book that we’ve done with Illusions: Playable Characters. This book contains:

Four different roles and a very detailed look at every one of them

Focusing more on the roles as they are in a game and how they are important

How to take advantage of the different roles in your game

An overview of how different Magic abilities work in Illusion

The magic system

Illusions: Playable Characters is an extremely helpful and comprehensive work. There is a lot of depth to it and I was very pleased to see that there were some really fun and interesting concepts presented. It is my favorite of the three of our Illusion books and I can’t wait to read it!

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