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Here’s an example: It costs a lot to watch a scream video and download the file:

Let’s say that you are paying $3 for a 2 minute video of a screaming baby on a bed. A 2min video is very useful, with about 3 seconds worth of sound for it; it is about 10mb.

If you download 100,000 file of scream videos, you have paid about $90.00 to hear that baby screaming. You might see the same footage again, but the whole thing is more costly because of the cost of running the server to deliver the video.

That is why you don’t want to save your credit card information: If you need a free file, you should not be paying for it.

You probably won’t even pay for the same clip or entire story. Why? Because it won’t be as useful now, you won’t have time to find interesting stories where the baby isn’t screaming!

If you want to watch the “freebie” on Youtube, you should not be paying for that.

The same applies to a video that contains a baby screaming, for example:

In that case, you can watch the entire movie; it won’t cost you anything, but it will be of great interest to yourself.

You should be charging for it, otherwise it’s just spam.

3. It’s not an example in a story – it’s a whole story

Here is the problem: You have a video with lots of scenes where the baby is yelling at the parents and crying. It’s funny and entertaining, if it’s a little bit sad.

Let’s put it the other way around: If you need to watch a movie at home, you don’t want a kid shouting so much! This is the same with a scream video: If the baby is screaming, it doesn’t help you out at home because it doesn’t affect your work at a lot of levels of effectiveness.

What is the good with that? The movie might have no relevance, but it can be a great experience if you watch it. With a “freebie” like this, it’s even worse because it is a whole story.

“Just use the freebie, like the rest of us”. But of course, this is not quite the case here. There is a lot of time wasted and the cost in the form of time is significant.

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