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Well, it got to the point where the local police was investigating it and asked a company called DPD, which was providing security on our behalf, as soon as the video went viral. It was about five or six weeks later that DPD decided they wanted to cancel our security contract. They also demanded a $50 000 ransom. That was the time when we decided to quit.

What should I do at a time like this?

Please don’t pay the ransom. In fact, I suggest you don’t pay any money at all.

Let’s take a closer look at our scenario. Suppose we want to start a new business venture, maybe that means we need to start a small business and we do not have enough resources to pay for it. It is not that hard to find resources and set up projects, but in this case, the local police or security firm would ask for $35 000 ransom.

So what should we do?
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Well, we would pay the ransom, but then I would have to find new investors. And not just any investors, but well-known investors that would agree to invest together with me. You might think this is not a good idea, and I would ask you: what does this mean if my business fails? Well, you have got to find a solution before you quit.

What should I do if a company wants my money?

It depends on the reason, obviously. If it’s a legal concern, you might consider contacting the police. And if the reason is that the video has taken your business away, you can contact the company and discuss what action you can take for the benefit of your business, which should include, of course, taking legal action. The best thing is to speak to the owner of the company about your concern, asking whether he can see the video, or to offer your assistance.

Now on we go, my fellow fellow traveller.

Now, let’s look at our situation. We have got a $35 000 ransom from the local police, they want to take away 100% of my business, but they don’t want to negotiate with us! They refuse to even talk to me about it. They have said that the video is “obscene” or “sexually explicit” or some such thing. And that’s their problem. What have I said right now that I should say, or should I just keep walking down the street and just let them have their way?

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