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This article originally appeared on www.thehandyman.com, published on August 19, 2014.

I’d like to share a very rare case. I was born on September 3 and started working for our company at 5 months and still had a long road ahead of me. Our business is in a very crowded vertical marketplace called “Online Store”. We sell a small range of branded products and have a growing business.

My employer had me take an interview with a very good recruiter in the online store, and we had some very interesting discussions.

On the day of the interview I did my best to make the presentation nice and polished.

After the meeting she asked me a quick question: “So how much experience are you willing to offer on your specific skills?”. I thought that I would say 100%. This was not how my presentation was supposed to go. I said “100%”. I also had my hands full with getting my job.

After the interview the recruiter looked straight at me and said “That’s the biggest compliment I have ever heard and will ever hear from a recruit!”. She continued to look me straight in the eyes and smiled. I have now worked many thousands of hours in different industries, so she was absolutely right.

I thought this was great, but since the last time I took one of these interviews they have all been very negative (even to someone who is doing exactly the same thing). And in my opinion, they should be. Because it’s not only about what you are good at, it’s about what you can offer the business that will get the team to grow.

If a candidate says they love it, and they’ve done 100+ hours of work for the team and have great potential, but there is just one big issue: that there is a huge gap between his/her own potential and the opportunity presented in this career. They can’t give 100% in that interview, which will show the business that they are still interested, but not 100% in that new role.

If the interviewer asks, “Do you think you would also like to work for a startup?” and they don’t answer that they are sure they are not ready for startup, it is a major red flag saying something is wrong here. And the interviewer isn’t alone when thinking this. You have plenty of people who are interested, but who just don’t want to do it yet

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