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“Our focus area at the moment is still the big-screen TVs…

“We are still very much in the development phase of this.”

Why does the company need a dedicated digital-only outlet?

“When I set out to design our solution, it was because that is really all I had.

“I would see other solutions where there was a digital component, but you had to access it through an external USB cord.

“The majority of people don’t even have that. We are using that as our selling point and that was why we went ahead in our own way.”

The new interface will also see more information about the film being displayed on screen.

For Feiyu/Zhiyu Steadycam Handheld Video Stabilizer ...
“If I would have wanted more control, I think I would have needed to go to an exhibition and put a bunch of screens up and have someone show you the image that I am playing,” says Burd.

“That process takes a lot of energy, and we wanted the process to be more private, so that you don’t need to see what everyone else is seeing on a screen to know what you are seeing.”

Is that what you have heard about in the press?

“Yeah, I guess there are two versions. The first is we have the big screen at home, and we’re showing it off right now, and the second is they are making a bigger version for the festival and for people to go to the cinema with – it’s really all down to that.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The company has created an app that allows musicians to upload their own clips

Does it have a budget for a second stage?

“Our budget is very small… We don’t have enough to put on a stadium.

“We have got a few ideas, but there is a pretty steep learning curve to the idea.”

Who is behind the new digital interface?

The company has built its business entirely on the strength of its film and TV production expertise.

“The majority of the team are still working in that space,” says Burd.

“We’re trying to build a new film and TV production business on video.

“We are not trying to recreate that – we have the tools to do that, so it’s the idea that has been the difference.

“Our strategy is to build a digital company, but we don’t want to be the main digital business because everyone else will be

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