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It depends a lot on what you get paid. For the price of a few of basic editing skills (such as basic video editing, mixing, and cutting scenes) you can make a lot of money editing video games.

On average, video game editors make $50-$75 an hour.

What are some video game video editing tools?

Here are the tools you can use with your video editing skills.


1. Final Cut Pro X – This is probably the best paid editing tool of all time. Final Cut Pro X is a free tool and can be installed on Windows, OSX, Linux, and the Apple Mac. It’s a great editor that is designed for casual and professional video game editing, but it’s also very easy to start using with almost anyone’s first video game editing computer. This is one of the best tools for video games, as I found that the better you work with Final Cut Pro X the more features you’ll unlock.

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2. Adobe After Effects – This is another free, easy-to-use video edit tool that can be used to make the same video editing effects that are available in video editing software. Adobe After Effects is a powerful video editing tool with a lot of editing features that you can find in most other video editing suites, but also is a great video editing utility that works well for beginners.

3. LightWrap – An affordable post-production utility package for video editing. LightWrap offers a lot of the features you’ll need in any video editing suite if you want to make videos that work well in a variety of different media.

4. Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro – Most video games editors would recommend LightWrap, but you can also use this post editing software as a free alternative. It’s a very powerful video editing tool with a lot more editing features than LightWrap.


1. Computer monitor – An affordable, portable video monitor can provide the kind of video editing support and image quality you’ll need. It’s a great option for people who are willing to accept some of the sacrifices that come with editing a game.

2. Hard Drive – The more storage space available in your computer, the longer and more smoothly the video will play back. Hard drives are a good idea if you’re editing games and don’t want to install a new one every time you update the software.

3. CD drive – You can also use your computer’s

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