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What is the fee for the service?

All videographers are expected to provide their own equipment for your event. We recommend choosing a camera that provides your desired image quality. It is very important that you have a tripod to get stable in such a busy scenario. In addition, there is very little room to move when you can be stationary. You will need sufficient time to get your camera set up and ready to film.

There are several ways to pay for your time at the event. There is no charge for the videographer as long as you are a vendor with a licensed event site. Vendors and volunteers can make a donation towards the event. These contributions are subject to tax and are refundable if they were not used for the event.


Vendors may pay the vendors a flat fee based on their product quantity, per event hour of footage. Many people prefer to pay a per product fee because they know that once their footage has been purchased, the vendor might have to re-upload it. Once their footage is uploaded, they have a limited amount of time to either delete the video or sell it for a profit. They will then have to redo the product placement within the event. They may charge between 1,000-6,000 USD per hour for their services.

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Most vendors charge a per product fee and an hourly rate. Most vendors also have a variety of fees to cover fees due to storage and transportation. Vendors typically charge a fee for a trailer or a photographer to accompany them during the event, transportation costs, rental fees for any equipment utilized in the event, advertising costs for their brand or company, and payment processing fees.

We have seen rates as high as 300 USD per hour for some of the more well known vendors. This could be for a single hour of footage or a day’s worth of footage for a large event. Vendors may charge for any other items that they consider to be essential to your event.


Volunteers are required to cover all costs including transportation, rent and other related expenses. Volunteers must have a legitimate business license and comply with federal, state and local tax laws. Some areas do not charge for non-profit event employees, however, as most state’s and local government agencies do not accept non-profit organizations at their events. As noted in the State of Utah’s official event guide, “Utah requires you to charge a local tax on event fees. State and local government agencies

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