What is the hourly rate for a videographer? – Event Videography Tips

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We do not offer a “Videographer” hourly rate for this class. If that was the case, we would not be able to provide this course. You should always contact the teacher directly for any questions regarding rates. If you or your teacher need a more detailed explanation of a specific rate, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local director or director of studio hours and we’ll certainly be willing to provide such information.

When you think about it as a professional wrestler, you tend to always be looking at big-name stars. There’s the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the World Heavyweight Champion, and the Ring of Honor Light Heavyweight Champion. There’s also the U.S. Champion.
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It’s an easy thing for me to say, but not as easy as it seems. For one, it’s hard to determine who the U.S. Champion is. Is it Triple H’s champion? Is Chris Jericho’s champion? Who is the Champion is usually the biggest thing for the WWE in terms of their coverage. It’s kind of like the NFL vs. the NBA with the American League.

For Ring of Honor, there’s not as much of a distinction between the US Champion and U.S. Champion since they are basically the same person. The US Champion can’t come to the U.S. until they win their tour of the Ring of Honor World Tour or the ROH World Tour before they can become the U.S. Champion. This will take time to really get used to, I believe. With the WWE and ROH now sharing the same tour dates, it would make things easy for their top stars at this point.

ROH World Tour 2013

The reason we don’t get the U.S. Champion is, well, WWE is in control. They have the main event. They will make their choices because it’s better to have a titleholder that they can control. It’s always a risk with WWE, because their top stars can be affected by any issues they have in the current storyline or not. When you think of CM Punk vs. Randy Orton on top, and Orton’s recent suspension, you have to remember that WWE has to make decisions about who they want to fight for their main event at this point. It’s easier for any of the top guys to do the WWE Main Event than the ROH Main Event.

It might not look like it at the time, but it’s something to keep a close eye

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