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A camera captures a few hundred frames per second of live video of a live event. A camcorder records video of the same event.
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What is the difference between a camera and an IRIS device? A camera records live video of an IRIS object (as described above). Most IRIS cameras are infrared (IR) devices. IRIS devices record video using the same principle as a camera. IRIS cameras are usually described as infrared cameras.

When two or more camera systems are operated at the same time, how can you tell which one is an IRIS camera?

Each IRIS device has a unique ID number. This ID number tells you how much information about the camera you are exposed to. The camera’s output is an information signal in the form of a serial number.

In any event, by studying the number of bytes in bytes from the camera’s output you can determine which ID number it is. However, you can’t be sure of this. For example, you might not be able to tell from its output if it is an IRIS camera or an IRIS device. One way to be sure is to compare your test and measurement data with corresponding data in the IRIS camera manual.

How do IRIS equipment and software detect objects?

IRIS equipment and software use IR sensors to detect and record IR signals. IR sensors are also known as IR lights and infrared receivers.

IR sensors are usually connected to their associated video output (the video recorder in the example). The camera’s output is an information signal in the form of a serial number. IR sensors can also sense IR lights. You need both IR sensor and IR light detectors in a camera to make sure it is an IRIS camera, i.e. a camera that records video under controlled conditions using IR signals.

There are two kinds of IR sensors or IR lights: IR camera IR sensor device (IRIS)

IR sensor device (IRIS) IR camera (IRIS device) IR camera (IRIS device) IR sensor device (IRIS) IR sensor (IRIS) IR cameras (IRIS) IR receiver IR receivers

Which IR sensor is used at the scene?

IR sensors typically are mounted at the scene. There are no separate cameras at each intersection or camera site.

What kinds of IR sensors do cameras use?

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