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A camera is simply a device with the ability to record in a high definition image. Camcorders have been around since the 1980s when they enabled video cameras that were not very compact. The digital camera revolution also gave birth to video camcorders. These new video cameras were smaller, stronger and had many features that were not available before. Video camcorders are capable of recording video of anamorphic images. A video camera has many functions that could only be achieved with the use of a high quality video camera. Some of the most widely used functions are: Picture in picture (PIP) recording;

video zoom;

video recorder with recording times of a few seconds to a couple of hours;

motion control;

timecode recording;

automatic video feed;

audio recording (CD stereo);

video mode detection;

remote control;

video transfer (USB);

video input to a computer;

video output to a projector.

These functions made the creation of video cameras a common feature of modern home appliances.

What are the main differences between a camcorder and a portable computer?

A camcorder is more powerful than a computer because it takes larger hard drives and is able to support larger video screens. Many camcorders also include audio and video capabilities and most camcorders also have a storage capacity up to 2 GB. For these reasons, it is very important to have a camcorder that has the ability to record long movies without needing the internet connection and the capability to store hard drives as they have a capacity of up to 2 GB. A few camcorders support recording of long movies and do support a hard drive, but many other camcorders do not. This is important to the consumer, because this makes recording hard drives and other important applications impossible without a strong internet connection.

You also need to be able to connect to your camcorder through USB. There are some camcorders that accept USB devices, but for most users, this is not a requirement.

Another point of difference is the availability that camcorders can provide to you. You are not limited to either video or audio output. While many camcorders have audio output, they are usually limited to only one channel and the audio quality isn’t very good. They often do not support USB audio output. As such, recording audio is a lot more difficult and requires more skill and effort. This is a

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