What is the cheapest 4k camera? – See Yourself While Filming

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In this article, I’ve listed the cheapest cameras at the same price-point. This will help the reader to decide if 4k can really save the video of his/her trip.

What Can I Buy 4k For?

Some of the cameras (like the Olympus OM-D E-M1) are so expensive they are not even available for purchase online. I don’t expect all of you to have a 3k laptop; therefore, I’ll go with the cheapest 4k camera that you can buy today (without discounts). Since you can’t buy cheaper cameras online, I’ll use the 4k model below. Note that as I mentioned previously, Olympus has a very limited selection of 4k models in terms of cameras that fit in its E-M1 camera kit. I personally prefer the E-M1 because I am not as picky about what’s included in the kit. However, you may find the cameras below more convenient or even better.

The cheapest 4k camera that I’ve found so far (without discounts) is the Sony A6300 Pro-Z3. It’s the most basic 4k camera. You are able to switch between the two different modes of the camera with buttons on the side: “1.5k” mode is the 2k high quality video mode, and “4k” mode (4k is higher-quality video) is the 4k high quality video mode. However, the camera does not support 4:2:2 for video, while video is 720p (1080p is not available though). In other words, even though it’s the cheapest 4k camera available, it’s still rather expensive. I have also seen rumors that the camera will come with 4K video recorder, but I cannot confirm yet at this time.

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Sony E-Mount cameras and 4k mirrorless cameras have a bit of variation in terms of camera modes. My experience with the E-mount cameras is that they all work a bit differently, and I’ve always found the output a bit difficult (especially compared to the 1.8k E-mount models). I still think “A6300 Pro-Z3” is a good choice here, and I have a feeling that other Sony E-mount camera are similarly decent. That being said, the Sony A6s is my favorite 4k camera in terms of its performance considering that it only costs around $1,200 (for the body alone). However, you may find that you simply

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