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In general I am not that concerned about a cheap 4k sensor because I have lots of cameras that can support 4k, like the EOS M, but one camera would not be needed for everyone. If you want to shoot 4k footage with your EOS DSLR and you want to save money, and just want to enjoy the same quality as DSLRs without the hassle. You can go with a cheap Sony mirrorless camera to do that, for example, and save a little more. Of course that camera will be a bit slower to get going but on the other hand at $400 or cheaper (and not a Canon), you won’t be missing anything. You will also feel much better about your new 4k/1080p camera after using it.
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Canon does offer some great 4k video options and the EOS M body is one of them. I had a Canon EOS 5d mk3 when I started this post and it wasn’t much cheaper than the Canon 4k/60p body. The main thing I’m concerned about for 4k shooting is that you are sacrificing on picture quality because of the 4k video quality.

So does this mean you should buy a DSLR instead? There are certain issues with the current state of mobile 4k video that I can’t really cover here. But this is important to know about and it should be considered when considering a 4k camera.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 – 4k vs 1080p

Canon has a long history of offering both 4k and 1080p DSLRs for some of their bodies and lenses. As you’ll see from the table below, there is no difference between them and it really doesn’t make much of a difference when the camera body or lens is the same. The most significant difference with the Canon EOS bodies and lenses is the EOS M body has a different sensor and it’s even less affordable. I’m not going to go into the differences between the four different Canon EOS bodies here. Suffice to say there’s pretty much no difference. The only real difference is the EOS M body has a built in 2.4″ display which is a very powerful display, but unfortunately doesn’t come on the EOS M3.

One thing I have found in my research is that there is sometimes a slight difference in brightness in the 4k and 1080p video, and it seems to be most noticeable in certain scenes. I have not tested a wide range but

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