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A 4k video camera is a high-resolution camera that can capture the same information in higher resolutions as a 4k camera. These cameras typically capture images in 2k or 3k resolutions (whereas most 1080p/4k cameras have a higher pixel density), or they have variable frame rate (e. g. 60fps or 240fps depending on the resolution of the frame rate) and can be used to capture high definition video at low framerates such as 24fps. Although the image and video are very similar, there has been confusion between the two. The most commonly referred to 4k video camera specifications are:

4K (3840×2160) video codec: H.264

Video bitrate: 30Mbit video (5mbps)

Maximum resolution: 3840px x 2160px

Video frame rate: 60fps at 240fps (24fps in 16:9) or 60fps at 120fps (24fps in 16:10)

Video frame size (in pixels): 4k (2448px x 2160px)

Frame rate: 30fps

Display: LCD or plasma

Video resolution: 2192×1280 (3840×2160) to 3840px x 2160px (23.9262836646688)

Display type: LCD

Audio codec: AAC (High Bitrate AAC)

Audio sample rate: 44100Hz

Frame rate: 60fps

Display pixels (px): 4k (1920×1080)

Display time (ms) or s: 3.94

Display aspect ratio: 16:9

Display resolution: 2128*720

Frame rate (frames per second): 60fps

Frame size [in pixels]: 2160×1280

Display brightness: max 120 cd/m²

Display mode: Standard / Wide / Square / Landscape

Image resolution: 24p / 30fps / 24 p / 30 fps

Picture size: 1280×720

Frame rate (frames per second): 25fps

Audio: AAC or Dolby Digital AC3

Crosstalization: standard

Display type: OLED or LED (transmissive)

The video format is different between cameras with 4k video capture and those without (it is possible, though not recommended as it decreases image quality considerably). The 4k video codec has a number of limitations that

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