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I see a button called “Play music”.

But it doesn’t work?

It plays a pre-recorded voice!

How do I use Music on Mac?

Music on Mac does NOT require any additional software.

Music on Mac is an open source project.

There is a free download at the

The best way to use Music on Mac is to connect your iPhone to your Mac while running a program like GarageBand. Or a standalone application from the App Store to play music in the background, such as VLC, Logic or Audacity.

Music on Mac was designed to work with music libraries you already have on the computer. Your music is stored in your music directory (where iTunes or the Mac Music Store can’t find it). Open the Music on Mac application, click a library, and you’ll be prompted to add it to the library.

Once your music library has been added, you can play music in the background from within the application.

For a better understanding, please explore the links in the upper right corner.

If you want to download a more complete version of Music on Mac please have a look at the

The source code is hosted on GitHub

Please let me know what you think of Music on Mac, and please share your feedback with me

If you are interested in working on the source, email me with a link and I’ll ask you how you would like to contribute. I’d prefer it if you work with an existing library, that you use for everything you want to do with the application, such as importing songs from a CD, but if you are willing to contribute I’m happy to accept pull requests.

I am still in the last stages of Music on Mac development, and as such it can be a bit buggy. If you encounter problems, please email me with relevant information as the project evolves.

If you’d like to share your library or the idea of Music on Mac with people, please let me know by emailing

The link to Music on Mac can be found in the upper right corner as this project is still a work in progress. The project is also currently being developed on a GitHub account. I’ll be updating this project with any important changes as they become available.

Music on Mac is an open source project. That means anyone can use it and anyone can contribute to it. All you have to do is find a music library or iTunes/Mac Store

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