Is video editing a good career? – Learn Videography In 5 Days

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Yes, it’s a very lucrative and interesting profession. You get free time, you get to do exciting stuff, and you get to work for great, exciting people. There really aren’t a lot of jobs like this.

Do you recommend the online school?

As a general rule, I like a lot of things that are not online: a good work-life balance, no time pressure, flexibility.

I’m not necessarily trying to suggest that people don’t need to have a degree or a certificate to be successful. But it’s very important to get that degree or certificate, because it makes it easier to find work.

How do you feel about your current job?

I have lots of fun working in a video production environment. I’ve had people ask me, “How long has it been since you worked on a video?” and I tell them, “Well, it’s been three years.” There are lots of opportunities and lots of fun in that. And it gives you a lot more responsibility, too.
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Have you ever regretted not going to college?

Well, I think the biggest regret I’ve had is not taking more time to do research. I was looking at the jobs on the website and I’d say, “Hey, do you find any of these jobs exciting?” And everyone would say, “No.” And I’d say, “OK, what do you mean?” And they’d come up with something like, “I never worked directly at a studio before.” Then I’d say, “Ok, well, where should I go?” And one time I was thinking of going to college in New York and I went to a public high school where all the students were high school dropout, and I wanted to stay there at least one more year and see if I could make some money. That made it very challenging, because I was on the spot with that, which is usually not good for people.

So you started at NYU, went to NYU, then went to NYU, and went to MIT — and now you’re working at NYU again.

When I got there… That’s going to sound weird, but I don’t remember what school you went to, it was maybe NYU, or it could have been, but it was a public high school at New York University. NYU was a big thing for me. I think my friend Brian Coddington, who I wrote for The New York Times, told me

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