Is it worth buying a video camera? – What Makes A Good Videographer

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It depends. When it comes to getting the pictures you want, you really need one that’s affordable. You don’t want to spend thousands on one of the high-end models because you expect to get better pictures. You need to get by with a cheap one. But you definitely don’t want one with any sort of built-in video function. For example, if you plan on using a video-sharing app with your camera, the cheaper the camera, the better the pictures you’ll get. There are cameras out there now that you can take the photos on your phone and save to your computer, but they’re not as good as a camera that has a built-in film/cameras function. If you’re buying a new camera and you don’t plan on using it for video, it might be better to just buy a normal camera with a good auto-exposure option. For pictures, however, the point of all this video-making is to have fun.


What do you use a basic camera or point-and-shoot for?

I use a Nikon D750, a compact point and shoot. It’s a really cheap point and shoot camera, which I find to be great for getting good quality pictures as long as you have a decent lens. The D750 has a really nice viewfinder, which allows you to zoom in the pictures without worrying that the photo will get blurry or blurry. It can also focus on subjects that are off-center, so that it can see those blurry images in the viewfinder. It’s also quite good for night photography, because the picture has a lot of detail. It’s great for the price.


How important has it been to you that you keep your camera clean?

I’ve never been interested in doing a lot of photos with my camera. That’s why my camera is relatively new, and I don’t get much use out of it. I’m not in high demand for my photo. As for keeping it clean, that depends. I’m not very good at cleaning my camera, so my camera might be a bit of a chore at times. I don’t like doing it myself in case it makes me smell. I’ll do something that feels like cleaning myself, like using liquid soap. Another option is to just throw the camera in the washing machine (or put it in the washer) and it’ll be ready to go again. I used to use a little cleaner, too,

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