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If you make a music video, the GoPro system should be able to capture the entire video with no issues. You should also be able to edit together a few shots to create a music video, and that’s it!

Now… is it worth recording the whole video anyway? Probably not, but you could. This is where you need to consider your use case that you are doing something of interest to other people.

The average person does not have a camera on them. They want the action of a shoot to be a seamless whole, and the camera to do its job without a hitch. This kind of footage is generally very simple and not particularly interesting to watch, with some things getting caught on the action as soon as the camera is on/turned of.

You may not need any kind of recording equipment to actually edit together interesting footage to make a compelling video as you can record the footage yourself.

What kind of shots would you need for this?

The shots below can be edited together, all you need is any sort of camera, and a smart phone. For this type of work, you would need to make sure that at all times, you are on the same location/environment. If you are filming at a campground in the middle of nowhere, that may not be possible.

Here’s what you need (for one video, but hopefully this can be applied to more):

2/3 of all the footage (as most people will have a phone, that’s fine)

a camera to capture the scene (your phone’s built-in flash is fine, but I do recommend another of course)

A tripod (but you can pick them up for under 15 Euros, but don’t get anything too expensive as they aren’t very effective)

Camera mount (which is optional, but it is a bit annoying to put something so expensive onto your camera)

A light for recording (you can buy some cheap LED lights for around 20 Euros or less, they are really useful)

A set of gloves and a pair of black (or black and green) pants (I like to wear these with black boots for the exact same reason)

So you have the above on top of your gear, you are ready to shoot. What happens after you snap a picture is the same as when you take a picture at home. Your smart phone picks it up and uploads it.

And that’s all, a

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