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You might think you’re being paranoid, because you’ve seen thousands of scary videos showing men in hoodies taking down women with their GoPro cameras. But, the reality is that it’s not only GoPro that gives these guys confidence. For one, the cameras capture the action clearly, and you don’t need to zoom in or fiddle with the focus or the exposure settings. What’s more, for the most part, they are a reliable and trustworthy device, with a lifetime warranty. That said, you should watch more videos of those guys that do not show a sense of safety, as it’s not usually enough to have your camera on.

And finally, there’s the fact that most other consumers in the YouTube video world are far more likely to be concerned about your safety than you are about theirs. In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, many concerned users created a petition encouraging GoPro to remove the “panic button” on its action cameras. It’s also worth noting that many users (like us) found that in spite of its very obvious safety features, the “Panic Button” is not only not helpful, it can actually make the videos far more upsetting to consumers than they need to be.

It takes a real pro to know what’s good for you.

That’s certainly what it takes to keep a top-ranked baseball team’s lineup in check. As much as we wish it was otherwise, most managers can’t afford to throw enough games against top offensive talent at a reasonable rate unless they’re getting top dollar from a player with the kind of durability and athleticism that won’t let them be pushed aside.

While a healthy Albert Pujols, Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz still represent the best lineup in baseball, there’s still no hiding the fact that the Angels are far and away the best team around. While a good defense still trumps offense in most cases, it’s always a good idea to bring in more than just a top-tier lineup in order to have more than enough to survive even your most feared foes. Here is a breakdown of how managers should go about using their lineup in 2013.

The Offense

1B: Mike Trout (1,826,000)

2B: Mookie Betts (1,789,250)

3B: Eric Hosmer (1,731,050)

SS: Nomar Mazara (1,692,900)

OF: Robinson Cano (1,

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