Is GoPro good for making YouTube videos? – Videography For Beginners

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I’ve found that in my own research I know that they are probably not that great of a way of making video. So, if you’re not going to use it for that sort of thing, then I’d definitely suggest just looking around for an alternative. This also goes for other video and image editing software, whether it’s Audacity or even the original GIMP, or even Photoshop. If you’re not using a third-party application these days, it’d probably be better to go with a cheaper alternatives.

This is all the content and software of a professional, right? Why would I want this to be free for a lot of kids?

Well that’s a tricky question. If you’re a developer or just another enthusiast, for a lot of people this might be worth more than that free software. The reason for this is because I think that the software would grow. As the market grows bigger, it’ll grow more and more and more interesting.

Is the original GIMP free?

The official version of GIMP is free for anyone to use and modify as they wish. However, if you need the features, there are both paid alternatives and free alternatives of GIMP. The paid alternatives include commercial packages like GIMP Elements and Gimp Lite – but even still I’d recommend using commercial GIMP replacements if you have the money.

What about the old version, why should I switch to the newer free version?

If your operating system is XP or before, you’re probably not going to want to switch. Most of the functionality of this older version of GIMP is still there. The downside is that there are still a fair few technical issues with this older GIMP that might interfere with some of the more advanced photo editors. The good news is that these are probably not likely to be issues with modern versions of the operating system.

What about my device like a smartphone, or other tablet or netbook? I’m looking for the free version to use.

If you’re not able to get the free version, and you’re going to want to use these basic features, go for a commercial product. You’ll probably get more out of it. If you still want to play around with the GIMP before settling for anything else, there are commercial packages you can check out at and

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