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As you’ll see below, this is an important question to ask even if you aren’t going to be a fan of GoPro any time soon. With the help of our top GoPro experts, we’re able to offer a clear answer. If you’d like to learn more about our product, our best-in-class customer service, our latest product releases, or why you should keep your GoPro collection going, this video will provide you with the necessary answers!

If you are planning to make the jump from a GoPro to Canon or Nikon, what camera does Canon or Nikon come with?

I love the first person. I was told about this at the start of my PhD, yet I never gave any thought to it before. Yet after a week, I am more confident in this style than ever.

For me, I tend to go for the first person, and then look back to see if I made a mistake. Usually it’s a couple of sentences or a phrase I was supposed to use twice.

For example, after discussing the idea of “the art of silence” I say:

“I was thinking to ask who was the most famous silence artist”.

As I say this, I realize the question is going to be rhetorical and not really a question, and so I immediately go with the first person voice.

As I’m going through the rest of the sentence my second person voice says:

“There are more famous authors”.

So I start looking through the list to find someone in print I know could have taught the class on the silent arts. When I do, I don’t say “in print” but “in writing”.

After a minute or so my third person voice begins to say:

“There are a lot of other authors”.

I feel a bit sheepish, but then it’s ok because I had to make a decision:

Do I say “in print” or “in writing”?

“Writing” is where words do things. In fiction, people in fictional worlds might know the difference between the real world and fictional world. In science fiction, there might be places of different gravity or different dimensions.

My students tend to write what is “good enough” for me, and I will give up any chance to write what is “bad enough”.

I think, therefore, I would rather know I can do a more authentic sentence when I write the questions I ask in the class

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