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The answer to that question is probably no. Most of the footage you see on the GoPro website is footage shot with the camera attached to a “body rig,” a collection of GoPro gear that adds the weight and durability required to do the work of shooting and editing video. But, the camera can be shot and edited in virtually any camera, and, of course, GoPro, Inc. can release the final product on virtually any platform where it does not require a rig to get the shot. (The company would not make such a commitment about its hardware, however.)

What do you think about GoPro and how it is used by filmmakers?

I’m a big fan of GoPro and its products. And I think the world of it. I love the concept of a camera that can be designed and built to a standard that can be easily transferred to almost any hardware device. With cameras, I’ve always said that you can get what you need, and more importantly, what the market wants.

Is there a camera that you have used but you’ve always wanted to buy a used?

Yes! I purchased one for myself and had to return it because I liked it better than the one I was buying, which I had just spent $1,000 on. The current camera I have is my go-to camera for shooting my GoPro videos, which involves lots of moving parts. It’s just good value.

What are your hopes and expectations for the future?

We live in a time where we all have access to the latest and greatest technology, and it’s our duty to use it to our best advantage, but I really just want companies to think seriously about these things and put money into developing innovative ideas, like we used to do. The problem with most of our competitors is that they all tend to sell things they don’t need and then turn around, tell us how they’re going to protect our rights, how they’re going to control the price, and how they’re going to give us a new product that we didn’t ask for but wants to use anyway.

But I believe we can do better. The question is not whether we can, but when.

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