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I’ve seen a lot of people claim that it’s worth 10% of a product’s sale price . This is true but it’s a bit misleading. In general, it’s a bit more like 6.5% of the product. Also, it’s pretty safe to expect some margin from a sale price for a video that has not been filmed. You’ll also need to cover the initial run, which is about 60-70% of the total cost.

I’m using a product for which I have a lot of knowledge. How much should I charge?

You should charge a reasonable rate for the use of your product. For example, if you are charging a lot for editing, it is probably worth paying 10-15% of the sale price . If you are planning on using your product on a regular basis, you should pay more , if only to have the ability to pay someone to review your product.

I don’t work for a company which makes a lot of money. How much should I charge?

It’s fine if the company you are applying to has a lot of money, but I can tell you from experience that it is difficult to convince people into using your product , because it requires time management skills and the ability to work in a team . If you don’t have the skills to get people to accept your product , then I don’t recommend you pursue this project . (Although if you are a consultant , then a smaller percentage of your product is likely to turn into more revenue for the client . Don’t count on it.)
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What do I charge after fees and taxes?

If it is going to be your fulltime job, you should take a look at this. What percentage of your fulltime rate can be accounted for by the tax deductions is up to you. For a freelance project , we calculate the net income as 2/3 of your normal wage . In my case, the tax deduction is roughly 10% of my normal hourly rate .

If it’s your hobby, you should check what’s being spent on it . I used to work in an office so it’s common that equipment like printers and laptops are purchased as office supplies, but it is not unusual to see printers costing $500 or so on Amazon . This is a good business practice when you don’t have to use your regular equipment or services regularly.

What kind of materials should I use?

For this kind of project all the basic materials you use for normal products

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