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For a single 1-minute video, ask the photographer to get to a location that is within a reasonable walk of the client’s location at the time of shooting this video. If using public transport, then don’t pay more than $0.20 for an hour in travel time. You can also ask for a more expensive fee for a 2 or 3 minute video than the cost of the 1, 2, or 3 minute video. If there is not a good location within reasonable walking distance available, then ask yourself: Have the client been present for most of the day? Was this the first time in the morning?

What did they order?

Do the clients need more or less photos than they need of you? You can ask the photographer to request a different type of photos, whether an action shot, wedding party photos, or even just a couple of quick shots of the bride or groom for a “behind the scenes” look. Ask yourself: Will this fit with our client’s personality? The time they spend in front of the camera?

Do they need to know the location of the location they choose? If so, ask where they want the photo when it will be taking place? Will this also be an opportunity for them to be the photographer after the event?

Do they need more or less action shots?

Do they need more or less wedding party photos?

Do they need more or less wedding photos in more of a wedding-themed setting? If so, ask about location.

Do they need more or less wedding selfies?

If possible, avoid this. Be flexible in what you require of a “good” photo, and be sure to remember to also ask for any time restrictions for the photographer and the photographer’s budget or budget for equipment.

What will the photographer’s time and energy be required for?

This can be a tricky one! While there are always exceptions and circumstances, if you see a photographer who has a really big calendar, and you are the same photographer, it is really hard to work with someone who does not have the same calendar as you.

What will be the weather like?

A lot of photographers are often reluctant to let the public have their wedding day, so be sure to ask them if they know how many hours a day they can and cannot work. Also ask if they have a clear plan of what they plan to photograph, and how they plan to share this plan with everyone including the families.

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