How much is a music video shoot? – Video Shoot Meaning

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This is so easy. You have 2 hours to shoot for each video. But here’s a couple tips I discovered while shooting my music video for The Beatles:

You do not have to shoot your video from a crane. The video starts from one of three angles: the left, the right, or both. If you only shot one side, you can shoot another side by reversing the camera. In this fashion, shooting a left side of your 3-camera shot is as easy as shooting one side.

You do not have to use lights. But you should do everything you can to give your video a warm feeling — so maybe use a flash to warm it up, and then put out a warm blanket around it.

To shoot video, I used a Canon 7D (with a lens that shoots 24 f/2.8) and a Canon 5D Mark II.

The whole shoot, on average, took me roughly three hours.

How did you shoot?

I wanted to avoid all those weird lighting situations, so I took the most obvious approach — which of course led to an awkward time.

We had to keep it low light for a while, because we had no idea how long the video would last. I did a few test takes with my camera and waited for results. It was almost the same video — this one lasted roughly four and a half hours.

What did you think of the video?

It took about three hours for the camera to start to focus and the lights to come on.

What camera does your footage, anyway?

I used the Canon 5D Mark II. It’s a tiny little camera with great video quality, particularly when you have a wide angle lens. I also shot the video with a Canon 5D Mark III, as well as the D700.

Why the different cameras?

I wasn’t sure how good my 4K footage actually would be because I didn’t shoot 4K video before. However, I realized that this video wouldn’t be much better than an HD 4K video.

I also wanted to avoid any camera shake while filming, in case the lighting changes during the video. On top of that, I wanted to ensure that each of the frames was as clear as possible in terms of contrast.

Are we actually seeing it at all now, then?

Absolutely. In fact, I don’t think it’s even possible to see it anywhere.

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