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That is what I’ll say here in one word: massive. This is the real world equivalent of a concert. For me as a performer and person, this is like a job. It’s a big thing to be in the public eye. I feel so grateful and fortunate to be at a point for me where I’m not living on the razor’s edge of going to rehab and working, because of my mental health issues, but I still have to get down and do the work. I’m a lot smarter now than I was a year ago, and I’d like to try to put on a more coherent and coherent performance this time.

When you first read about your upcoming shoot with Kanye West for Yeezy Season 3, what inspired you?

That’s why I was so intrigued because he’s been out there and getting himself out to the people who really love Kanye West and he’s been saying some very bold things about what the album’s going to be like. That really got me excited to do a film shoot with a guy like him because now’s the time – it’s Kanye the whole time. I want to say I had an image in my head. I want to try to put that out there so that people can see it. So that’s why I was really looking forward to this project. He is my ultimate idol for sure. And from that perspective, to be shooting with him was an experience that I have not had before, and I’m so proud to be part of it.

The official website for the original television anime of the Chitose Masou game series announced on Tuesday that the sixth television anime series will premiere next year. The first television anime series debuted in Japan on cable channel MBS and streamed the series on YouTube , and the anime’s second season premiered on April 1 on the anime’s official YouTube channel.

The first anime film, Chitose Chigasaki: Eiyuu ni Yakuu , was released in Japanese theaters on June 17, and Funimation released the film on home video.

Viz Media published the manga’s eighth compiled book volume on December 15, and the seventh third-volume volume on December 29. The manga inspired a “Chitose no Chigaseki” web anime in June.

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The “Chitose no Chigaseki” web anime inspired an original video anime project based on the manga.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Konatsuya)

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