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I’d say no more than one-sixth of the profits from a normal $3.99 ad. How can I afford to stop using Spotify? I know that it is only a free trial. I’d prefer to pay for at least a monthly or annual subscription. That would allow me to add on additional features like access to unlimited streaming video, and then maybe music-focused podcasts. I’d also like to be able to share my music with friends as well, and I’m not sure to what extent Spotify supports these. It’s a little embarrassing to say this, but I have no idea. How much do the top 10% of creators in the business really make? I can’t say. My guess was around $250 million for my analysis, and I had a couple extra figures floating around. I’ve used the Spotify tool to make a few calculations that I can post. The figures are rough. It’s not accurate to call my math “conservative” I just wanted to show the size of the pie. The top 100 are worth $24.7 million according to the same analysis based on the 2015-2016 data (in the $150M bracket). The top 25,000 creators, based on $1.7 million, would put their incomes at $17.7 million, and the remainder at roughly $9 million. The top 1,000, at an estimated $3.3 million, would bring their income to $6.4 million. The biggest percentage are the biggies of the music business. I have to say that, despite all the headlines about the death of the artist, we aren’t really talking about musicians, but we do know that artists are still very much around. This is a problem, because the music industry is based on the assumption that everyone has enough money. I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake. If you’re struggling, a music-based retirement plan will always be less affordable than if you’ve got a fancy 401K. If you’re trying to save for college, a good investment account will also help you make sure you have some money left over, even if it is small. It’s the old “earn more by not working” problem.

I can make more money by not working

And, yes, people who are really passionate can make far more money than people who are trying to make it. In a survey of thousands of people by an independent agency called the “Songwriters and Music Industry Laborers Association,” they found the following:

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