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For the sake of simplicity we have chosen to use only a 10m ring light and a 25m 1.8l water pump. We chose this so that you can buy the same light as your dog. If you plan to use a smaller ring light then we suggest that you buy the larger size as you can then use the larger size ring as a stand alone light.

What temperature does the light operate at in degrees C?

Each level of the light operates from a range of temperatures, most operate cooler and warmer. To give you an idea of what temperatures these lights can operate at and for what time periods, we have put the temperature range into the table below:

Light level (°C) Time period (hours) Temperature (°C) 1.8l (25m) 0.6 1.40 – 1.70 1.8l (17m) 0.5 1.30 – 1.25 24m (10m high) 0.5 1.19 – 1.50 14m (5m high) 0.5 1.07 – 1.28

The light temperature is rated as “1.8L” for the 25m ring. This means that it works with a full diameter 25m light for a period of 16 hours. It can be used to shine at an ambient temperature of 5C, and the time periods for the different temperatures can vary from 4-8 hours. You see, these lights are more reliable if you use them at a low ambient temperature, because in the warmer times there is less waste to heat.

The light comes with an ‘Energy Save’, which has reduced the average cost of the light by 35%.

Can I use the light at night using the batteries?

Yes you can. You will need a battery holder before you remove the bulb, if you are having troubles removing it the battery tray can be used, just be careful not to drop the battery into the bulb. If your batteries are of the right value then you will not need a battery holder.

How long does the light last?

At the start the light will operate at 12 hours and if you keep using the light you can prolong it indefinitely.

Can the light be used at a night club for a small fee?
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Yes, a small fee of £1.95 per year is provided by the club.

Can I use it inside the home?

Yes, you can, however

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