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With the increased focus on digital, your online campaign will become a digital-only campaign. The cost will be on a per-ad basis. You should make the ad based on the cost of your most popular paid promotion. This will make the campaign simpler.

Does the ad get the highest views?

This depends on your product, audience, and other factors that determine your ROI.

For example if your ad is promoting your product through a video, video views would be highly correlated with brand awareness. The higher the view count, the more likely you are to get more of your target audience to watch your video. The lower the view count, the less likely you are to convince your target audience to watch your video.

Which media channels do I need to pay attention to?

We recommend paying attention to two different media channels for your online campaign: digital (which is usually promoted on Facebook and Google+ ads) and radio (which is usually promoted on SiriusXM’s radio station). You can determine whether to pay attention to a media channel based on how big of a media buy it is and how relevant your media channel is for your campaign.

On the face of it, it would seem that Hillary Clinton has already done more to push the Clinton brand with a national audiences than has any other Democratic presidential candidate in modern history. And yet, in the wake of the controversy over private email use, she will have to answer questions for her previous mishandling of sensitive information – including the server and email correspondence which were not properly stored (see her emails below).

For these reasons, even if she won the election, it may not be possible to restore the Clintons’ image. Indeed, that same dynamic may explain why her opponents seem to have an easier time of it… although they may not be so keen on Hillary herself. So, just how many questions about the Clintons need to be asked? Let’s look at the past, and then the future.

This is the first in a series in which we will examine the answers to the questions.

Hillary is the perfect example of what the late great historian Robert Caro called the “permanent party machine.”

Her entire political life was the product of an elite network consisting of two main centers: the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Foundation.

The two bodies controlled her campaign and the Democratic Party.

The foundation was created in 1993 at the beginning of her Senate run by a friend of Bill and Hillary’s

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