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How much do you earn?

How To Get Paid To Sell Your Work

How much do freelance videographers make?

My first experience of a job like this was a summer job at a radio station a couple thousand miles south in Atlanta. I made $2/hour and only lasted six months. The radio station didn’t give me a lot of chances, so I’d say it’s about average or above.

I did work at a local retail company for a few years until about 2012. At that time, the economy was horrible. Some jobs became impossible. I wasn’t doing well on the income side and decided to work for myself again.

I never got a paycheck from the previous job. I still don’t know what I was paid and I’m not going to ask. I was paid by the hour, which was usually $2/hour or less, and I paid myself monthly at about $450.

I’ve had people talk about how many times I told them that I did freelance work and no one listened. People think the gig work model is bad, but it’s not. There are a lot less problems doing that, and I get paid.

I’ve been interviewed about what to do if I get fired because I freelanced. I’ve learned the hard way that no matter how many times someone tells you that you should quit doing the job because your boss can’t possibly pay you, you’re doing a good job.

Do freelance work jobs get better? Do the companies improve paychecks and work conditions?

The companies I’m working for now get better paychecks and better working conditions for their employees than I’ve seen them pay for their employees years ago. We still have challenges for some of them, but generally they are becoming more transparent about who their employees are and the compensation they get.

The pay is better. I can definitely say that in the pay industry, the pay is better and that the people make more than you’d think. Some people pay $20/hour, but most make more than $10/hour. Not to name names but some of my former coworkers at a radio station were not that much better paid than me.

What’s the pay for a good video job?

At the end of the day it boils down to what the customer needs. With video, whether it’s a job or a hobby, you need to sell a finished product and make the viewer want that product in an engaging way.

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