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Is there an upper limit? What’s the point of an Ultra High-Definition (UHD) screen? Why the name “ultra” (as in “UHD”) anyway? Why the “Ultra-?” Is video an industry, or should it be called “High-Definition”? Which type of high-resolution screen should we be looking at? How much more than 4K? What do these terms really mean?
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Now in this edition of Video Magazine, we talk about all this and more from the world of technology. We cover a wide range of topics including the new-generation displays, how our brains interpret video, why 4K is so popular today, and more.

If you are not following the latest news, on Sunday I saw an intriguing article in the Washington Post about the potential for the Republican Party to embrace the LGBT community. If a person were to tell you that a major, major news story that could change everything as a result of it, it’s quite possible you’d think it might be news of the largest political scandal in modern political history.

According to the article, a new poll was released for the Human Rights Campaign to determine the public’s support for marriage equality, and the results showed that 56 percent of Democrats are in favor of marriage equality, while 41 percent of Republicans were in favor of it. What is somewhat remarkable about all of this is that as of yesterday, the Republican Party had already rejected a plank on LGBT equality from the Republican National Convention platform last week.

In a shocking twist to the whole story, I went to the website of one of the organizations that had supported the LGBT plank in last week’s RNC platform, the Democratic National Convention, and searched for the name “Ginsburg.” No results were available. I tried to reach out to my local party leaders, I tried to find out if they supported the platform position on the LGBT party, and they were unresponsive as well. The reason I couldn’t find the name of any party leaders who endorsed it on the convention website is that, apparently as a whole, the party is extremely reluctant to endorse an LGBT issue.

When the DNC released its Platform last week, it included “A promise to extend full equality to LGBT Americans.” While the DNC is an important organization, it isn’t the only one to place LGBT equality as a core plank. The Democratic National Committee has issued the following statement on their own platform:

On behalf of all members of the Democratic Party, I want to take a

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