How many megapixels is good for a video camera? – Types Of Videography

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While the answer depends on the application, some guidelines are given here for comparison purposes.

For video (1:32, 1080 x 720), the higher resolution resolution allows us to do better quality recording on the camera, so the higher resolution also gives us the ability to use longer recording times.

For video (1:25, 480 x 360), the higher resolution allows us to do better quality recording in lower light conditions like city centers and low-light areas.

For video (1:20, 480 x 360) that uses a large format such as MP4 (30 fps), the faster resolution is required to allow better performance of recording.

For video (1:8, 480 x 360), the higher resolution is important to give the application more time to process the data resulting in lower data storage costs compared to a 1:12 MP4 format.

These guidelines provide the same level of value in camera application for different resolutions.

How long does a typical video recording take?

The time of a typical video recording depends on the use of the camera, how large the file is, the quality of the video compression, and the quality of the video player. Some people will ask, “how long are these movies really?” The typical storage cost depends on the maximum amount of storage space used in the application for different applications.

Storage Costs per Megabyte

The above information in megabytes represents the maximum storage space available within the application for different resolutions. It does not represent the total space available to the individual video file or video player.

Below is a chart showing the storage costs, expressed in megabytes, for multiple resolutions on a single hard drive.

Note that the above chart only represents the storage costs that are directly related to the different resolutions. The storage costs are dependent on the amount of data (megabyte) that has already been read from the media or saved to the program or memory card. For example, if there’s only 1 megabyte of data stored on the disc or program, the amount of data stored on the hard drive is only 0.5 megabytes.

Also, the amounts above represent the total storage costs that a storage unit can purchase. The amount of storage space needed for an individual resolution is significantly different as each application, app, application category, etc. has unique requirements. Below is a chart that has several data types, each with the smallest cost given.

Note that the categories are different in the chart

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