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I always like to work on a different video and then work on the final thing the moment I finish it. It’s an incredibly time consuming process. Sometimes it comes out much longer than expected. The process of editing is different when you first start out, but you can get the hang of it, especially if used in conjunction with compositing. There’s just such a tremendous amount of technical knowledge to be learned, I think one of the things that takes the longest to learn is the process of composition and the technical mastery of editing.

With that said, what I’ve found is that, even if the music video is in high definition, when people see it on their computer screens, they usually have the ability to see the differences even if they don’t understand the music, which has helped a lot. To make a music video with the music that you wanted? That was difficult. That’s a lot of stuff to learn. The technical, the editing and the art style are all very similar and not very different.

I did work on something called “My House,” which was sort of like a comedy set. We ended it up having no idea what any of the musical choices were going to be at all — we were just kind of guessing and trying to figure it out on the fly because we were in so good hands. It was a lot of fun.

Do you see yourself more as an art student and more as an artist?

I think I’m somewhere in-between. I’m obviously doing the music and art. In some ways, because of the fact that I’ve been a producer since I was really young, that’s the thing that I’m most exposed to. The music that I’ve done, I’ve always felt like I’ve been exposed to everything there is to be exposed to musically. I’ve been exposed to so many interesting sounds and things that I can’t go back and listen to as an artist, so I always feel like I’m working in a musical field without having the same experience.

Is that really your case, or is it more a result of being in so many different creative fields?

Well, I feel like I’m constantly learning, really — both from my music and my production and everything else. If something wasn’t working and I didn’t feel like I could improve it, I would probably just leave it where it is. I would have to do it my way.
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I have kind of a unique way of working, just in what

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