How do you record a video? – How To Hold Camera Steady For Video

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We use an app called Final Cut Pro to get the output video to your mobile device and the camera. The video, recorded in 2K resolution in 720p, isn’t exactly 4K, so there’s some compression and some sharpening to be done afterward.

What about the video processing? Final Cut Pro will give you a very high-quality version. It’s all super-fast, fast enough for most jobs we go for, and just as efficient as a DVR. I find this app to be particularly useful for creating commercials and music videos.

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Why did you start out as a photographer? I grew up living with my grandmother outside of Philadelphia. Being around her in a town like Philadelphia reminded me of a different America, one made up of people who had no education, no opportunity, who had to be industrious, who knew what they wanted to do with their lives, and who took care of each other. She didn’t have any kids, so I was her second income. In those days, there were no cars. I just moved around, got a job at the gas station, worked summers at a restaurant … and then, when I grew up, the money got tighter. I had to make more money working in the gas station then in the apartment where I grew up. I was at some point able to save up enough for a house, and a wife and two girls, and everything I had in life was there. So, my grandmother made a huge deal about not telling me about school, so I started using photography to help me make a living.

Where did you find your favorite camera? It was a Kodak K-X. It was a very, very cheap camera; it used to go for $12 or $15, but then Kodak stopped making it. I went through a lot of different cameras before that. A couple months ago I had bought the Nikon D3100 for $10, and it was a really nice looking camera; it had a nice lens, and the LCD screen had that big “WIDE RECOGNITION” button. It seemed like a great budget camera. I took it out to a few events, and in each one, my pictures came out great.

How old did you start taking pictures? At some point I started to shoot a lot of pictures when I was 17 or 18. I did a couple projects when I was 19, but I didn’t feel like the subject matter was necessarily my bag. It was only in

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