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It’s a tough question to answer as no one knows how money is made from YouTube videos. Some musicians, such as Justin Timberlake and Madonna, have been known to turn their videos into a profit. It is unclear how much money people make at YouTube from their music videos, although it is likely much less than what you might pay for a movie or a book, although there isn’t a lot of research published.

The reason you should make a YouTube video is to become famous, and so if you want to make videos to become famous, you have to put some love into it, and for those who are a singer, songwriter or music video star, it is quite likely that you will make more money if you choose to make a video on YouTube than going to a TV studio to sing a song.

The popularity of YouTube may make it easier for musicians and some other artists to sell their products or merchandise online for free and so there is some hope for music videos.

How much are songs made for with YouTube?

We don’t have a total number of song sales made for the Youtube videos, but we do know that there are lots of people making money from them! Here is an explanation on how many song sales are made with YouTube and what they mean:

When your video is posted, Google automatically displays adverts as you watch it. For your video to appear in your video player, Google says that it needs to ‘make money’ from clicks. When you click the adverts, Google pays the amount of money that you paid to buy the adverts, and you must pay it back if you want your video to also appear in YouTube search results. Google say that around 4% of the adverts shown on you website are sponsored, meaning that it is possible to make money from videos that you post on YouTube; it just takes a couple of clicks to make that money.

So if you make $1,900 (£750) by making a music video for $100 (£50) you are probably making somewhere between $15 (£12) and about $30 (£21) per day from YouTube.

Why are music videos so hot?

YouTube is the place that is the easiest and quickest way to make money from music, and this is one of the reasons why many music videos are popular. It is a simple to use service that attracts people who like music.

Music videos are one of the most popular things to do right now, and because

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