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How do I play an instrument (or two!) while recording?

The simple answer is to use one of the free apps, or use two different apps to split your audio into separate tracks. Most of our apps will record you music when you hit record. You can also load the music onto your device for easy playing via the Music app.

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This works most easily for Android, iOS devices and Windows 10 PCs. If anyone can explain how to make this work on an iPhone 5 or older, we would love to know.

On Windows 10 you can either do the same thing as on Android but use the Play Music app or record your music to an external device, such as an external USB flash drive (although this isn’t recommended for most users). However, if you want to use a MIDI keyboard, you’ll need to use an app.

On iOS, you should record to an external device and then load it onto the device through iTunes. If you’re a music writer, this is the easiest method of using your device, which would be ideal for a laptop as the app isn’t really mobile capable.

On Steam you’re more likely to have to do something more complex – like connect an external audio interface (such as an audio recorder or a mixer) through Windows 10, or connecting through Steam itself. For most users, the best route is to load the audio into an iOS device to use in combination with Apple’s built-in iTunes.

Where can I find out more information?

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