How do I price myself as a freelancer? – How To Film Yourself With A Phone

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You should ask yourself the following questions before you price yourself:

How are you finding the most value for your money?

Are you being compensated fairly?

Are you being compensated for your time?

Are you happy with the income you’re getting?

Do you have the time to put into yourself? Do you need a full-time job?

Is your salary a good investment?

Have you ever had to look for work for free?

Has anyone ever said these things to you in an attempt to get a better price?

Do your competitors price themselves lower so that they can get a competitive edge?

Do you believe that you’ll make a lot more if you don’t market yourself?

How can you differentiate yourself in your niche?

Do you work with a freelancer agency?

How did that person price themselves?

Have you ever sold your business for less than the price you paid for the product you created?

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