How do I make the background of a picture black? – Event Videography Tips

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Select a dark color, and go to Edit > Overlay – Transparency – Underneath. This will create a new layer with white (or dark gray if you want your picture to look bright) underneath it. It looks better than it looks at first glance if you overlay a white or color layer next to your black one.

I think my photo looks pretty clear in it (at least I am not blacking out, and the photo looks OK at this low resolution), but I think the background is a bit too black. What can I do?

Use Filter > Blur > Blur Soft Soft or the Blur tool and look at the area that is getting a large amount of blur. Select the layer you want to blur and use Ctrl + Shift + J to adjust the opacity of its pixels until that area is back to the right amount of luminance. Then change to your desired color image file and apply your new blur layer style. I have it on my new picture:

Can I blur a pixel in the top left corner of my picture? And where is the line between blurred and non blurred areas?

Yes, you can blur pixels. You just have to be mindful that blur will apply evenly across the picture. I have blurred this point:

How do you make the white squares of my picture appear less busy?

Try creating the white square of your image first, then working your way from there! A very good way to do it is to just keep creating and adding the white squares until you find the one you want in the image. You could do it this way:

How do you make your image look smoother in the dark?

Create a black image in Photoshop, and then make a white version. Create an adjustment layer, and use Ctrl + Shift + J to tweak the color. The end result should look like this:

How do you make the dark shadow in my picture seem more realistic?

When your picture is blacked out, you can’t even see the shadows in the dark, unless you look very close. I like to blur as I go, just to give me a little better sense of shadows and light sources. I have it:

This last screenshot was taken from an old Windows desktop:

Can I delete parts of my picture that I don’t want to see?

Of course! Just select the image you don’t want and go to Filter > Layer > Selection. There is a layer selection

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