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If you are an hourly or salaried blogger, an editor, or if you’re not a professional writer (i.e. you’ve published nothing of your own), you’re probably already very familiar with this question on how to write a job posting like this, because your online work is probably one of the hardest things to find work in.

A free tool to help you calculate your hourly rate

If you find yourself wondering how to write a job posting like this, you’re most likely going to think about what the average hourly rate looks like for a variety of jobs. You might be surprised how expensive that really is. Here are some resources to help you take a closer look:

“Are you paid an hourly rate?”

In this article from The Huffington Post, they ask whether they are paid at an hourly rate or a salaried rate.

They then go through some of the examples to show that the pay on hourly rates may not always be what they think it is. For example, when they show how much employees are paid per hour, the real number is considerably worse.

“If I am the only person working on writing a blog about your content, will I see a return on my investment?”

That’s actually a good question which I have faced often while working on blogs. It’s true that the content might not be of value. Sometimes it’s not even your product that you want them to read. What you need is someone who can produce quality content and make it interesting.

At the end of the day, whether it is you only or the whole team writing content, the only people you can rely on is those who produce quality content.

In this article on MoneyTalksNews, they cover one of the most common problems of freelancers trying to earn enough money as bloggers: the difference between an hourly rate and a salaried or a professional level rate.

It turns out that freelance bloggers usually have two jobs:

Do some things with your brand, to increase your brand visibility

Write on other people’s things

How can you get more money for your day job?

One of the most important things that you as an individual are also asking yourself is how much do you actually have to make from writing? Does getting paid every single day seem like a very fair way to spend your life?

Here’s an example from an article from Relevant:

The hourly rate for this type

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