How can I light a room for video? – How To Shoot A Tutorial Video

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To light a room using the Video Lighting Kit you must use lights in the following order:

Light bulb (optional), either 120V or 120/240V (not for ceiling lights – for ceiling lights you must use a ceiling light bulb) – the LED is the brightest for the room

Flood tube with 2 bulbs – one red and one white (recommended)

Sealed box with 2 bulb to hold wires, and plastic container for light source

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2″ long piece of black plastic wrap (recommended)

Scratching card, or a piece of paper inside your cardboard box

For a typical, typical, typical home, this will take anywhere from 3 minutes to a few hours:

1. Inserting the bulb.

Take the bulb and secure its end to the light bulb end so it does not vibrate.

2. Lifting up the tape over the light bulb.

3. Taking hold of the light bulb.

Remove the tape. Lifting on the light bulb is not necessary.

Press the glass back and forth very well.

4. Lightbulb on and off.

5. Remove from the box.

6. Insert and remove the bulb.

7. Remove the tape.

8. Take hold of the light bulb, using only fingers, and slide the bulb into the sealable box.

9. Put the lid and screw back on the box.

10. The whole process is much faster with two bulbs per light bulb.

11. If you are using the sealed box system, you can leave the light bulb on the top of the box and just leave the lid open. For a lot more power, just put the lid on and remove the sealed box from inside, keeping an eye on the light at all times.

12. Put the seal back on.

13. Remove it.

14. Put the box back in its place.

15. Set the TV on.

This will take between 0.8 and 1.5 mins.

16. Plug the light bulb into your TV.

17. Connect your external hard drive and your video card.

The easiest way to do this is by turning your Xbox 360 into a USB controller. You will need to make sure the internal hard drive connected to the Xbox is recognized by Windows. To do this, simply plug your

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