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Most videos are background only, with no text on top or in the middle. To change the text of a video, just click Edit, and select a thumbnail. The background of a video will then move around to match. You can go to your video library on YouTube and select the video to edit.

The American Family Association released a long-awaited report this week, “The New Sexual Revolution: Sexual Perversion in the Bible,” which exposes that the “new sexual revolution” is nothing more than a cover for a culture of sexual immorality. The report is full of lies.

For example, in the book of Leviticus, God calls on husbands and fathers to protect children against sexual abuse by women. But he condemns “young women to be reverenced and kept pure by their men.”
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What sort of society would allow its children to be taken care of and protected from sexual abuse by adults who were meant to be their caretakers, yet who were given authority over their bodies?

And what sort of culture that values women above all else? The AFA says that Christians could only be “good parents” if men and women were separated. It was the Bible that taught this and it was the Bible that called for such separation in the first place.

But the Bible is not the only “moral document” to teach that men and women should remain together. A brief historical survey of the history of Christianity reveals that such separation has been a cornerstone of Christianity ever since the beginning.

The word “separation” occurs only four times in the Bible. The one time it does occur, it can only refer to the marriage covenant. The other four times a separation is mentioned, it refers to the covenant of marriage.

Why would God give men authority over women? He was the god of the Hebrews. Why would he require the male and female to marry for procreation? He was the father of the Hebrews. These biblical stories are not about the practice of sex outside of marriage or the relationship between man and woman. They are about how to best ensure the procreation of the new Jewish nation.

The ancient Hebrews believed that their children would become the center of God’s kingdom. Therefore God gave men authority over men as men are only allowed to act on commands given to them (2 Kings 19:17).

When this covenant with men was fulfilled, God granted men authority to have sex with women. This is not surprising; in Abraham

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